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Health is a crucial part of our life, as people with health issues cannot live a full life, even if they have a wonderful family, friends and a good job. This is why a special attention should be given to looking after health. And this is should be done while you are young, as the modern life of young people in majority connected to the work at the computer, which leads to spinal problems. It is not surprising, that ancient eastern health systems mention spine far more often than head or brain.

According to them the cosmos subtle energy penetrating into us through the specific areas or zones, distributing over the whole body through channels afterwards. Three main channels connected directly with the spine. Thus, the spinal condition affects not just physical, but also emotional health, his intelligence and activity in overcoming obstacles and so on up to the spiritual development.

Not surprisingly, that famous yoga statement: ’A person is young and healthy for as long as his spine is flexible’’ is one of the few truths, which could never been denied by anyone for ages.


The Sanskrit word ‘’yoga’’ means connection, harmony, unity, or harmony in physical and spiritual sense. There are many reasons why you need to do yoga, but we will only introduce you to a few.


Flexibility is getting lost with age. A person is young as long as his spine is flexible. As soon as the flexibility disappears, a person gets older. Yoga helps a spine to keep flexibility and helps a person to stay young and full of vitality.


You can start yoga at any age.

Health and harmony guard

Yoga helps to regulate your weight. If your weight is below normal, then it will increase, and if it is above, then you will lose your weight. And it is not about the amount of physical exercise, but the fact that the practice will change your body and soul.

Just like after beauty salon

Yoga practice will make your skin rejuvenated and get a special glow and dark circles under your eyes will fade.

Second Youth

With age the level of cortisol in blood or stress hormone increases, while the level of sex hormones, as testosterone and estragon are reduced. However, our youth and beauty depends on the levels of the latter. We are able to increase our life expectancy and improve its quality. Yoga does not promise miracles, but it can slow the aging process.

It helps allergies, asthma and bronchitis

Breathing enriches the blood with oxygen, as during yoga practice air gets into all parts of your lungs. That is the excellent therapy for treating asthma and chronical bronchitis. Moderate yoga practice will help people with allergies to breath in all seasons.

For people suffering with hypertension

Regular yoga practice helps to prevent a development of cardiovascular disease, as well as improves your blood circulation. That makes all organs and body system to function correctly. The asanas (yoga exercise) affects the heart function beneficially and lowers your blood pressure.

In short, yoga is the path to your health and youth!

In our yoga centre you will be welcomed by a friendly and experienced instructor, comfortable conditions (good ventilation, neat shower cabins, and contemporary hall) and the main thing cleanliness and comfort.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our fitness centre!!!

Yoga is not something happiness will give you; it is what will give you a freedom, so you can choose your happiness.