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Health is a crucial part of our life, as people with health issues cannot live a full life, even if they have a wonderful family, friends and a good job. This is why a special attention should be given to looking after health. And this is should be done while you are young, as the modern life of young people in majority connected to the work at the computer, which leads to spinal problems. It is not surprising, that ancient eastern health systems mention spine far more often than head or brain.

According to them the cosmos subtle energy penetrating into us through the specific areas or zones, distributing over the whole body through channels afterwards. Three main channels connected directly with the spine. Thus, the spinal condition affects not just physical, but also emotional health, his intelligence and activity in overcoming obstacles and so on up to the spiritual development.

Not surprisingly, that famous yoga statement: ’A person is young and healthy for as long as his spine is flexible’’ is one of the few truths, which could never been denied by anyone for ages.


In English the word fitness has evolved from the verb to "fit". It means to have a good shape and to be healthy. The key of fitness is not achieving results in sports but leading a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is the experience of the professionals working for years- doctors, psychologists, coaches etc.

The primary goal of fitness is to make your life bright and cheerful as during such kinds of exercises people are having spiritual harmony. Besides all these things fitness is aesthetics itself, which makes us to lead a bright and active life, to attend art classes (to go in for arts), to listen to music, to dance and more.


Pilates is a set of exercises to strengthen your body muscles and body shaping. This physical fitness system was originally developed by Joseph Pilates, an American physical trainer for rehabilitation of wounded soldiers in hospitals. There is no restriction in terms of sex or age in this fitness system. Pilates is very beneficial for overall muscles, it develops the coordination, improves the flexibility and reduces the stress. If you are doing pilates, your gestures will be graceful and beautiful and you will always be in a good physical and psychological shape. Pilates doesn’t only sculpt your body but it also clears your mind and gives you energy and inner serenity.

But what is so special about Pilates?

Pilates is a unique and effective fitness system, aimed at:

· Muscle stretching, toning and strengthening
· Weight lose
· Improved posture
· Acquisition of graceful movements
· Developing flexibility and balance
· Obtaining a harmony between mind and body
· Stress and exhaust relief
· Increasing endurance
· Training your brain, making you smarter and improving your memory
· Making your body slim
· Increasing energy, improving mood and general well-being

Pilates is a way to health and harmony!

In our centre you will be welcomed by a friendly and experienced instructor, comfortable conditions (good ventilation, neat shower cabins, and contemporary hall) and the main thing cleanliness and comfort.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our fitness centre!!!