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Наppiness… Each one understands it differently. And everybody wants to see his family as a small island of happiness, as there is no substitute for a sense of warmth, care and support from a loved one. We are constantly surrounded by dozens and hundreds of people and how important it is to find a congenial person among them with whom you can share your joys and sorrows, to bear and raise children, enjoy your grandchildren’s happy laugh. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life, and the constant bustle of megalopolis leaves almost no time for personal life and His Majesty Chance needs the help of modern marriage agencies.
Our marriage agency will help you to find your happiness. This is exactly why it is called «Secret of Happiness» . The founders of the agency, Ilona Bagishyan and Arthur Tumanyan, discovered the secret of their happiness long ago. They were together for many years , raising two adorable daughters and dream to have single people as little as possible . After all a lonely man can not be happy and there is nothing worse than being alone. Happy society is the one with happy people. «Secret of Happiness» marriage agency accounts show more than dozens of couples who have created their family and even gave birth to their children.
Our agency features a qualitatively new level of service, individual approach to each client, as well as a strict confidentiality. You will meet our friendly and helpful staff in the office of our dating services, whose goal is to help you to find your match, to create a family and to reveal a secret of happiness! .

And remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss! Dare! Go for it!